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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 8, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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the day the men's u.s. national soccer team being harassed and assaulted 3-2 win mexico sunday night. you can see one team usa player getting hit in the face with a bottle while he celebrated with his teammates and the game was halted earlier in the night when to the reason are not unhappy that i don't watch soccer because i know people love watching soccer. i wish everybody well but throwing projectiles we have enough of that in politics, we don't need it in sports. laura: every blue states city every night now but watching hockey, they are pre-numtwo in
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their series against boston. laura: all right, awesome show as always and i will see you tomorrow. i am laura ingraham, damning science suggests covid 19 was normally made in a lab but perfected to be an effective killer. that was the conclusion of two bulletin scientists in the wall street journal yesterday, both are on the ingraham angle exclusively to tell us more plus there was an obama biden reunion this weekend but was it really? raymond arroyo explains that in seen and unseen but first lockdowns by another name, that is the focus of tonight's angle. it was the first republican president, abraham lincoln, who honored the fallen from the battle of gettysburg noting a government of the people, by the
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people and for the people shall not perish from this earth. in other words our government works for us, not the other way around. democrats may take lipservice to lincoln's wisdom they have proven themselves incapable of living up to that creed. for them it is more like a country of the you meet, by the elite and maybe for the experts. in a government run by bureaucrats and managed by technocrats the american people are treated as kind of disposable commodities, the only work and sacrifice for the cause that democrats deem important. >> now you face another inflection point. as we put this pandemic behind us we build our economy, root out systemic racism and tackle climate change. we are addressing the crazies of our time with the greatest sense of purpose than ever before. laura: no matter what the crisis is, feel or imagined the solutions they offer are always going to create a dynamic where
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you end up with less freedom and they amass more power. the wuhan virus hit america the experts let china off the hook, cheap and effective therapeutics, then they pushed lockdowns and school closures. i don't think democrats were ever as happy as they were when things were shut down all across the country, they were ecstatic, there was a lot of self-care going on, don't you love that phrase? a lot of me time, netflix of course and tending to herb gardens. it is not clear democrats ever want to go back to work as far as i can tell. the just-released gallup poll from last month found that 71% of democrats believe people including those who are healthy should stay cooped up at home as much as possible. there was also bipartisan compliance to whatever it is a the government's experts parroted. and some people were so
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compliant that their fears still haven't subsided. according to gallup the group most likely to stay masked up are those who are already fully vaccinated. 90% reported wearing a mask in the last 7 days opposed to 49% of adults who don't want to get vaccinated. look at how easy it was to manipulate people into following orders. >> everyone whether vaccinated or not should continue to avoid large gatherings and when in public spaces should continue to wear a well fitted mask. >> people may want to continue to wear masks even if they are fully vaccinated. you might get infected and get absolutely no symptoms, not know you are infected and inadvertently go into a situation with vulnerable people and if you don't have a mask you might inadvertently infect them. laura: democrats and the far
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left so love seeing americans programs to live in fear. if your friend enough you will lock yourself down, but it is the dissenters that the left really worries about because they tend to do things like question unelected experts, they even do their own independent research and they are on the side of preserving freedom over bowing to be government and they demand answers to important questions like when is the capitol going to reopen is when a government workers whose salaries we pay going return to the office. let's start with the first question, reopening the people's house, reopening to the people.
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january 6th was over 5 months ago but the ride and it was not an insurrection give the democrats a perfect cover to do what they always wanted to do, shut the capital to the public for good so they spent hundreds of millions of our dollars erecting fences, razor wire, multiplying the number of security personnel and all those barriers. >> when it is put forth we will have a discussion as to what happens with the fencing. laura: the removed the national guard but fencing is still there and the entire capitol zone has a militarized look and feel, very disturbing. we reached out to schumer and pelosi's office, and the speaker expect security professionals to make security decisions and schumer's office referred us, just like they did with covid but politicians want us to revert to the experts, this is insane. the house and senate sergeants
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at arms and the capitol police don't make these calls, they are the employees of the federal government, they are not elected representatives who have the authority to make these decisions and speaking of the capitol police this was wild, today out of the blue they announced on twitter they were going to carry out a training exercise on the capitol grounds. complete with low-flying helicopters and other vehicles. they had the nerve to call this routine. i can so you i've been in washington for 30 years and i watched all of this on video. i've never seen anything like this and i cannot think but help this was an apartment to keep the threat of january 6th alive before it fades into the public memory. remember, our president, our attorney general, our secretary of state, many others in the biden administration have all been citing one thing is the
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threat to the homeland. >> it has been plain for all americans on the television sets just how serious a problem we face from nationalists and white supremacists. >> we are facing more dangerous. go that we faced in oklahoma city. >> our ability to speak with that strong voice for democracy and human rights took a hit with what happened on january 6th. >> keeping the capitol walled off looking like the green zone in baghdad is just an exercise in narrative setting and a step toward preemptive purging of political opposition. another type of lockdown. anyone who dares protests biden policies going forward, any rally with a big crowd of people, hundred you fly the american flag or sing patriotic songs, you will be no different than the criminals who shove their way into the capitol, you are all the same. by the way the think tanks in
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washington, are on board too. back in 2010 profile of rockefeller foundation helped produce shockingly prescient report on four possible future scenarios that could play out over the next 15 to 20 years. one of them involve the global pandemic remarkably similar to what happened over the last year. during this pandemic, quote, international mobility of people and goods screech to a halt, normally bustling shops and office building sat empty for months to avoid of employees and customers, national leaders around the world impose rules and restrictions from mandatory wearing of facemasks to body temperature checks. that does sound familiar. 10 or 11 years ago. the report went on to detail how the powers that be would never let that imaginary crisis end. even after the pandemic faded, more authoritarian control and oversight of citizens and their
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activities stuck and even intense, citizens willingly gave up their sovereignty and privacy to more paternalistic state in exchange for greater safety and stability. the site and oversight took many forms, biometric id for all citizens, tighter regulations of industries whose stability was deemed final financial interests. despite the rockefeller report predating the show by many years none of was laid out in a report should surprise any capitol viewers. >> they want never-ending lockdowns and mandates for everything the elites want the us trapped in his forever pandemic. how can americans see this as anything but a naked power grab, the pandemic foreign will never end and they are going to use it to maintain total control over you. we are now in the midst of the next step of never-ending and ever-changing pandemic. one where the supposed threats are constantly shifting despite all the evidence in the experts
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will continually base themselves in their profession to appease their democrat overlords. in the end, we end up with more restrictions on our inalienable rights whether they are government mandated lockdowns or not the results will be missing, higher energy prices, higher taxes, more racial polarization, more crime and lower standard of living that we the people must reject the permanent state of emergency that the political establishment, the federal level and the state level want to foist upon us, we the people must demand that they restore the freedoms they were all too happy to take from us. we must remind them that it is still government of the people, by the people and for the people. and any politicians who seek to undermine that basic principle must be locked out of power once and for all and that is the angle. victor davis and, senior fellow
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at hoover and dennis desousa, conservative author, filmmaker and host of the dennis desousa podcast. democrats really are, the way they are conducting themselves, from the capitol being walled off to the federal government workers aren't coming back into the office, climate alarmism are more like occupiers than elected representatives, that is how they are conducting themselves. >> it is not what you are i say, gavin newsom said the crisis, the pandemic was an occasion to recalibrate a more progressive -- hillary said the same thing about pushing healthcare, and the dollars crowd so this is the chance of a lifetime for the great reset and it is really strange how they don't believe in the first amendment or, quote, real science because they love all of the institutions and bureaucracies they claim were threats to liberty, they love the military when they say we
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cannot allow washington to be opened up and criticized trump for using the military and real crisis but they love the military now. they love the cia and fbi when they went after the collusion hoax, the idea of suppression of free speech when they thought during this show, that doctor fauci was in, contradictory, but didn't get to the heart of it. he was subsidizing research that allowed gain of function final enhancement that was legal in the united states and at the core of this whole disaster and for you or i to say that or scott at career was almost destroyed, my institution at stanford university wouldn't allow any discussion of it so what it is all about? they have a vision not about politics anymore, this is not the democratic party, this is a progressive socialist group wants to gain and maintain power and run it by -- >> they don't like democracy.
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they -- the idea that the republicans are antidemocratic, they are the most antidemocratic people out there. they shove these mandates down, they want us all scared. they don't want our freedoms to be protected. in the end they are the oppressors, the idea that conservatives want anything but people do have a good life and freedom, preposterous. >> no question that even though they use the rhetoric of democracy they don't really believe in it. they believed public opinion is something to be molded from above and this is why they created this coordinated set of institutions from education to the media, ultimately to tell the public what to believe. even when it comes to elections they don't really want fair elections. think of it this way. all the states that are trying to pass these voter integrity
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laws like saying if a store or chain was experiencing regular shoplifting and they say let's install some cameras, let's try to make sure this doesn't happen again and then people start screaming you can't do that, this will discourage people of color from coming into the store, gives you the idea that these are not people who actually believe in those measures in the first place but this is the problem with the democrats, they use the rhetoric of democracy but in the end the people are objects to be controlled and not subject to have the right to themselves. >> victor clyburn suggested today of congress doesn't pass that democrat hr one election bill america uses is basically a >> you got to decide whether or not members of congress are going to stand up, the greatest democracy on the face of the earth will way of the roman empire.
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it is very clear. >> you know a little bit about the roman empire, what do you make of that comparison? >> inflation and too much luxury and decadence was more important than free elections that pretty much ended the roman empire from the very beginning, matter, all this racial demagoguery we hear from our elected officials or a yale psychiatrist that fantasizes about collectively shooting white people with a revolver or a bernard professor's fantasy is to gouge white people, that's not just a distraction but filters down and then you have the corporate world that says we will have one rate for amazon deliveries on the basis of race for oakland city council mayor will say we are going to have one
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entitlement for this race and one for another or common violence with somebody hit somebody answers this is because of your white privilege. we talk about this is if they are in the parlor or hothouse but these ideas filtered down and are very dangerous and we always according to our station have to challenge them and call them out because they are racist and that is what they are doing. these elections have nothing to do -- with what is wrong. laura: you are right. speaking of this issue i want to get back to the capitol because the capitol represents the seat of government, the people's house and they have these helicopters doing this drill, very odd, very strange and it wasn't long ago that members of the media establishment were very upset about the idea of militarized policeing. let's remind everyone what don lemon said.
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>> is the president declaring war on americans? >> perfumed they occupied american communities by police departments, many of them militarized police departments. >> they also were terrorized by tanks come by the presence of the national guard and militarized police. >> ilhan omar, your favorite they are all upset about the tanks and helicopters but not if they're used against the people who disagree with their policies. >> they are trying to essentially create a domestic enemy and declared to be the greatest threat. biden's is the greatest threat facing america domestically for
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the homeland is white supremacy. the white supremacist to run any institution, any bank, any media outlet? are they in control of any hollywood studio? not that we can tell, meanwhile we have real threats that come not just radical islam but from china, chinese newspaper recently talked about china preparing for nuclear confrontation with the united states, they said we got to make sure the united states backs down in a confrontation with china, so we have real threats to from totalitarian regimes brewing around the world and biden is acting like the real threat comes from the proud boys. laura: it's great to have you on topics like this, really appreciated and what is the most damning evidence of the code lead week theories embedded in the virus's own genetic code. we we from two prominent scientists behind this stunning revelation, don't go away.
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wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers.
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and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. over the next 10 years, comcast is committing $1 billion to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are. ♪ ♪ >> laura: how many times have we heard laura: even though the lab leak theory is persuasive there's no direct scientific evidence for the two prominent scientists putting that argument to rest. anita wall street journal op-ed, professor richard mueller argued the most damaging evidence for a lab leak is in the virus's own genome saying the presence of a double see gg sequence suggests
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covid came from a lab. this is a sequence commonly used in gain of function research which we know for a fact was happening at the wuhan lab. the really damning part mueller says the dna combination in coronavirus's has never been found in nature as they write at the minimum this implies the leading theory for the origin of coronavirus must be laboratory escape. those two scientists join me now. professor emeritus professor of physics at the university of california berkeley, let's start with you. you say there is a second key piece of evidence pointing to a lab leak explain that. >> the concept of pre-adaption. in all previous zoonotic infections with a confirmation nature gives us a break, adjusts to humans but human to human
12:26 am
transmission can't be sustained and that is a month to year process. here not only did the first patients get infected and very sick, but transmitted human to human that was never seen before and it comes about by training virus in the laboratory, humanized mice or human cells. laura: one of the most conflicted characters in this saga is peter the stock who funneled taxpayer dollars to the lab and orchestrated and infamous letter to lancet dismissing the lab leak theory, now the daily mail is reporting the editor is refusing to reveal if he still supports the controversial letter he published debunking claims that covid started in a chinese lab. things seem to be shifting in this narrative. your thoughts? >> when those letters were
12:27 am
written to give the scientists some degree, there were key facts they didn't know. they had been told that china had studied it, identified the source of the wuhan laboratory, the chinese said they found it jumped from bats to humans in that laboratory. given all that, that meant china had done an investigation and settled the question was what they didn't know was china -- would turn out to be true, the measurements showed quite different, there were no bats in the wuhan market and that has been dismissed. the very premise that they wrote their letters has been demolished but not just that, a paper has been published by the chinese showing the genome. the genome that they showed by xi! lee didn't show the complete genome.
12:28 am
it is in this section. it was different too. laura: you are imparting noble motives on the chinese, you are not a political person, i am. i will do that, brought you on for that. >> i'm not saying -- talking about the american physicist who wrote these letters. they have no evidence anymore. the evidence has basically disintegrated. laura: if that is the case why do we still have so many well credentialed scientists and other researchers who refuse to see what you two, the brightest mind in the field analyzed and said very persuasively in the journal? why?
12:29 am
>> hard to understand why people think the way they do, so i stick with the facts here. if you just look objectively this is a singularity with respect to there are no animals that have this in nature, no people had this earlier like we've seen previously in the virus looks like a vaccine in terms of its genetic purity. of the three hallmarks of agnosis, the animal, the virus in the human all point to the laboratory it is remarkable to me that people don't just say that it is quite clear. the probabilities are more than 1 billion to one that this was the actualgnosis that had the features of a singularity. >> given what we know about the level 4 lab, we had a number of accidents of these labs across
12:30 am
the globe, do you think this type of research should be continued? in any way, shape or form given what we've seen, trillions of dollars, millions of people affected, so many lives lost? >> i think in the united states there will be whistleblowers. in china where will no whistleblowers allowed except for the virus itself, the virus turns out to be the whistleblower because it came to the united states and carries witnesses, generic message saying i was made in a laboratory but the key thing now is to make sure such research does not go on in china or other countries without full transparency, full access. if it does then china is in violation of the biological warfare convention and that is what we have to stop, we have to look at china to make sure it doesn't happen. >> you mentioned this new study
12:31 am
in the journal nature providing a huge blow to the natural origin theory where researchers documented 47,000 plus individuals from 38 species between may of 2017 in november of 2019 and those wuhan markets, no bats were traded. are you willing to - that is it, right? just one more thing, then natural origin theory has to be put to bed now. >> i think so, china did a good job in a year testing 80,000 animals over 300 species, 31 provinces, every corner of china and 0 out of 80,000 sars covid two. don't know where to look except the laboratory. >> thank you for writing this, thank you for. tonight, we appreciate. barack and joe reunite and doctor biden joins doctor fauci on air. seen and unseen up next.
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>> time for seen and unseen where we unpacked the stories behind the headlines and for that we turn to fox news contributor raymond arroyo. biden seems, let's put it bluntly in capable of delivering a substantive address. i noticed his team seem to resort to these heavily edited zoom calls to push their agenda. >> the president uses phone a friend more than who wants to be a millionaire contestants, we need to stop this. most people don't realize the covid stimulus bill facilitate an expansion of obamacare. this weekend biden found obama to celebrate the enrollment of 31 million people into the government healthcare plan. >> i know someone who wants to
12:38 am
know the numbers up as high as it is. i've got to call this fellow. >> we do this together. we talked about how if we could get the principle of universal coverage we could then build on it and i just want to say how proud i am of what you have done now, the american rescue plan, that a ca later known as obamacare which i take pride in. >> i keep reminding people. >> i want to thank your administration and all the folks who have been working on this and building on it and continuing to expand it. >> i will still call you at your place. >> don't you wish there would be underscoring anything. i love the dramatic flourish. part of why they are so happy use the government is taking over healthcare. it is growing. biden used $40 billion in the covid relief bill to expand eligibility for obamacare and subsidies. those subsidies are baloney even
12:39 am
for people making 51,$000 a year. if you're wondering why people aren't going back to work, if they stay home they've got unemployment benefits and free healthcare, they take a job, free healthcare, biden is incentivizing workers to stay at home. it is unbelievable. laura: are you telling me all your savvy analysis that you actually think they were on a zoom call together? >> i don't. laura: honestly faked but the best thing, you could see the white house, they had the white house insignia on the top of the screen, when obama is talking but -- obama is still president, know where he is, he could barely get out one sentence, not effective.
12:40 am
>> one president in history has ever constantly embraced or sought the affirmation of his predecessor in the way that biden does. if i were advising original president biden stay away from obama. be around man but he keeps harkening back. laura: obama is an amazing politician, he's a really good politician. it looks terrible for biden because you have this decrepit guy and then you have this guy, this is what i was getting at. >> i don't know. it may not be as safe as we thought it was. if you have this amazon devices hanging around, turns our neighbor of big brother could be in the making, it is where the sidewalk ends. if you have a ring doorbell or eco or alexa all connected to your wi-fi amazon is using those devices to borrow a bit of your internet to create an amazon controlled low bandwidth
12:41 am
wireless network of its own they say they will use it to send expectations when you lose wi-fi refractive dementia patients the washington post reports by participating you have no control over what data you are helping to transmit, sidewalk could power more surveillance, more trackers, maybe even amazon drones. this raises serious serious surveillance questions amazon better answer quickly. >> all the stuff listening to you, you burp and your iphone has a birth add on the phone pop up. did it hear me burp. >> reporter: who is tapping into
12:42 am
this electric network who can see your images, your conversations which amazon has got to shut this down or at least get permission from all their users. you will be sad they missed live with kelly and ryan seacrest, doctors fauci and jill biden were on pushing vaccines especially to kids but spend a lot of time on the familiar love narrative. >> we always have dinner together. that is one thing we spend an hour, at least an hour a day just quiet, no phones, candles on the table. i like a pretty table. i put flowers on the table and we spend time together. >> having dinner tonight? are you have one of those tonight? >> those who lost businesses and can't get people to work are probably not laughing. this latter-day harlequin romance things obliterating any talk of the fauci emails. that's the biggest concern and they have images of jill and doctor fauci earlier this week with masks on. why are they wearing masks when they're both vaccinated but the
12:43 am
mixed messaging is available and the love narrative and misplacement of the fauci email is working for them. >> maybe we just need to do the full-time reality show, the whole governing thing is gotten tricky with these emails so it really should just be she could do martha stewart with table settings and the beautiful pillows and the scented candles. are you a scented candle person or do you like -- >> rebecca is the scented candle person, there are a lot of around but i don't need that. i need actual smells. >> i don't like them either. really important information from our viewers. i just wanted to get that out there, thank you. the biden administration just signed off on a global policy that will sell out american companies and workers. larry kudlow staying up late for us to tell us why this would be a total disaster.
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♪ ♪ >> the economies came economy skin together to agree people pandemic world must be fairer is what you are seeing is a revival of multilateralism, willingness of leading nations to cooperate to address the most critical challenges facing the global economy.
12:49 am
laura: what you just heard was janet yellen, treasury secretary announcing the us would be joining an economic suicide pact to set a global minimum corporate tax rate, that will punish american companies and workers, strict power from voters and hands it to global bureaucrats. we said earlier they don't like democracy. we can warn you about this for months it was coming, this is the great reset and it is in full swing, larry cover, for trump white house economic advisor, host of the fantastic foxbusiness show kudlow. i have to imagine china is laughing as america makes its move to sign over our tax policies to a global confab. >> first of all i don't want these multilateral organizations to do anything actually, to give
12:50 am
up our tax sovereignty, it gives up voters sovereignty. this thing came up periodically under donald trump and he would always say the only people who can decide american tax policy are american voters, not the g7, not the oecd, not the g 20. all this does is jack up taxes even more. there is a provision in their besides the 15% minimum tax, but new provision that has been adequately reported yet and that is if a company has a 10% or more profit margin which is not all that much particularly after getting clobbered by the pandemic been this deal would allow that company to be taxed up to 20% or even more. that is remarkable, that is so
12:51 am
antagonistic to capital formation, investment, plant and agreements, jobs, real wages, family income, remarkable deal for the treasury secretary of the united states to do. is absolute surrender. >> here is what pete buttigieg said yesterday about this whole new global minimum tax deal. >> we are going to end's race to the bottom by giving -- to agree to a global nontaxable >> corporations would pay 16% and couldn't race to some of the country to get a lower tax rate. >> the system right now creates a real incentive to park your profits and even your jobs overseas. >> i can think of another country that will benefit from this, china. >> by the way that's not a small point because china, they have not participated in any of these discussions and they will not
12:52 am
play by any of those rules, china would have significantly lower business taxes that the united states doesn't china will have significantly lower capital gains taxes than the united states does and this may only be the beginning unless it is all stopped. this race to the bottom, you know the race to the bottom, ireland with a 12.5% corporate tax rate. you know who put us on the right road, donald trump took the corporate tax from 35 to 21% and he didn't have any of these access profit taxes, the idea that raising your taxes is going to keep companies or jobs here is just -- it is counterintuitive, utter nonsense, people will flee just as they did before the trump tax cuts but this is remarkable
12:53 am
because with so much easier a ustre is willing to give away our sovereignty. who's running this country, is the oecd running this country, is the g7 running this country or are the voters and businesses and workforce of the united states running this country? >> i'm going to say what you all say what you won't say, because you're too nice, diplomatic. these people don't like the country. they think america is -- pollutes too much, consumes too much, is systemically racist, white supremacists are the real problem. should be brought down to a level, race to the bottom, like everybody else, we should be as miserable as european countries who would prefer to be locked down for the next 5 years because of covid. it goes very deep, this is a 3-step of many steps.
12:54 am
>> i have said so many people on this progressive left do not like america and want to change our culture, change our history and they want to destroy our economy. they may not admit it, they have no interest in economic growth or prosperity or worker jobs and wages, they want redistribution, they want to punish success and now they are willing to do it on a grand global scale. we will lose, europe will have lower taxes than we will, china will have lower taxes and we will. it is a -- biden's idea, this is like a workers paradise, that is what this is. laura: thank you. i hate ever cutting of larry, though but he knows this deal. thank you. so we don't know whether this video is real or not the too funny to keep it from you. we will explain next.
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>> laura: of the science doesn't convince you to ditch the facemask maybe this will. >> in the garden yesterday i forgot to take my facemask off. really not happy, guys. >> we don't know. is it a comedic genius issue? we don't know if it is real or staged. >> it is tuesday june 8th. this respect for law enforcement hitting a new level in chicago, 50 people shot last weekend alone as major cities across the country brace for another summer crime surge. >> thinking about making that dangerous trek do not come. >> vice president kamala harris gave prospective members of her own party for telling migrants not to enter the us illegally, part


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